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The 4th GESSI Pizza Day will be held by October 17th

The 4th GESSI Pizza Day will be held by October 17th

Are you interested in subjects as agile software development methods, data-driven software design, or smart APIs evolution? Do you have goose bumps every time you hear the word continuous software engineering, self-adaptive systems, software ecosystems, bid data management or community-driven requirements engineering?  Are you looking for a Degree Final Project or Master Final Project? Are you even thinking of doing a PhD Thesis? Would you like to collaborate on a research group, and eventually participate in a research project? If you answer "mmhhh ..., yes, yes" to any of these questions, read on.

By October 17th, from 13h to 14h and 14h to 15h in the Àgora Room (in front of the Plaza Telecos), the research group GESSI (Software and Service Engineering Group) organizes the 4th GESSI Pizza Day. This bi-annual event is addressed to students who are interested in the GESSI research topics and who are interested in collaborating somehow with the group. During the event, the members of the GESSI group will present these research topics, the projects in which the group participates, and the modalities of collaboration.  

For you be in a right mood to participate in this event, we are going to have a pizza and drinks in the room (alcohol-free, of course) that will allow you to withstand the scientific bombardment without compromising your physical strength.

Make up your mind and attend the 4th GESSI Pizza Day!

Fill out the form that you will find at: GESSI Pizza Day (Registration Form) before Friday, October 12th.

More information about GESSI at: Web GESSI

More information about Pizza Day, contact with Carme Quer,