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5th GESSI Pizza Day


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5th GESSI Pizza Day, November 24th, 2022


Are you interested in subjects such as software development for machine-learning-based systems or the monitoring and visualization of quality metrics and indicators for software projects? Do you have goosebumps every time you hear of “Green AI”, “Learning Dashboards”, or “Chatbots”?  Are you looking for a Degree Final Project or Master Final Project? Are you even thinking of doing a Ph.D. Thesis? Would you like to collaborate on a research group, and eventually participate in a research project? If you answer "mmhhh ..., yes, yes" to any of these questions, read on. 

On Thursday, November 24th, from 13h to 14h and 14h to 15h in the Màster and Polivalent Rooms (in front of the Plaza Telecos), the research group GESSI (Software and Service Engineering Group) is organizing the 5th GESSI Pizza Day that is going to be a meeting framework between students in one of the above situations and GESSI members. 

During the meeting, the GESSI members are going to present issues in which we are working, projects in which we participate, and possibilities of collaboration that we have identified. In order for you to have the right mood to participate in this event, we are going to have a pizza and drinks catering (non-alcoholic, of course) that will allow you to withstand the scientific bombardment without compromising your physical strength. 

We look forward to seeing you all there!!

Fill out the GESSI Pizza Day Registration form before Thursday, November 17th. 

More information about GESSI at Web GESSI

For more information about Pizza Day, contact Carme Quer,


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More information about Pizza Day, contact with Carme Quer,