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Edith Zavala PhD thesis

Edith Zavala gets her PhD with the thesis entitled "Towards adaptative monitoring for self-adaptative systems" done with the supervision of Xavier Franch and Jordi Marco
Edith Zavala PhD thesis
Abstract of the thesis

This thesis presents an architectural approach for supporting adaptive feedback loops in self-adaptive systems, called HAFLoop (Highly Adaptive Feedback control Loop). HAFLoop extends the widely used MAPE-K loop, providing a generic structure for its elements, as well as the mechanisms required for coordinating their operation with their adaptation process. Given its importance, this thesis focuses on the adaptation of the Monitor element of the loop. The experiments, executed in the domain of smart vehicles, provide promising results both in simulation and in real environments.

Directors: Xavier Franch, Jordi Marco

Panel composed by: Oscar Pastor, Schahram Dustdar, Cristina Gomez