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Other Past European Networks, Collaborations and Projects


Title: Smart Adaptation through Contextual REquirements

Dates: January 2015 - June 2019.

Participation: Collaborative project that is constantly integrating new partners. UPC team: Edith Zavala (GESSI PhD student), Prof. Xavier Franch (Supervisor) and Dr. Jordi Marco (Co-supervisor)

Goal: The SACRE project aims at dealing with this challenging situation supporting the adaptation of contextual requirements affected by runtime uncertainty in modern self-adaptive systems.

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TitleSmArt seLf-driving vehIcle

Identifier: Open Research at AstaZero program (call 4 - 20180430, application A-0034

Dates: July 2018 - October 2018

Participation: Project leaders Edith Zavala (GESSI PhD student) and Dr. Christian Berger (Univeristy of Gothenburg). Supervisors Prof. Xavier Franch and Dr. Jordi Marco.

Goal: The SALI project aims at providing an open software engineering solution to integrate self-* capabilities such self-healing, self-optimization and self-improvement to self-driving vehicles for responding to runtime challenging factors such as unpredictability, faults and limited resources. 

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S-CUBE (Network of Excellence at FP7)

Title: Associate Member at the Software Services and Systems Network

Identifier:  contract No. 215483

Dates: March 2008 -February 2012

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ADOxx (Acciones Integradas programme)

Title: Definition of the i* format by using the metamodel compiler ADOxx v1.0

Identifier:  AT2009-0015

Dates: January 2010 -December 2011

SODA (ITEA programme)

Title: Service Oriented Device & Delivery Architecture

Identifier:  ITEA 05022

Dates: January 2006 -December 2008

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MSDS (Acciones Integradas programme)

Title: Requirements Engineering for Multi-Stakeholder Distributed Systems

Identifier:  HU2005-0021

Dates: January 2006 - December 2007

WG-ECUA (Working Group at FP5)

Title: EuropeAn COTS User Working Group

Identifier:  IST-2000-26436

Dates: January 2001 - October 2002

Web page: