Name:  The i* Mark-up Language

Description: iStarML is an XML compliant format to represent i* diagrams. Different methodologies have been created based on i* concepts and modelling techniques. In particular the i* framework has been exploited in different areas such as organizational modelling, business process reengineering and requirements engineering. Moreover, several proposals have been made to incorporate i* modelling concepts to deal with software systems requirements representation and design. Therefore, the goal of iStarML is to have a common format where the common conceptual framework of the main i* language variations is made explicit and, in addition, the differences could be expressed using open options using the same specification. Using iStarml we are able to easily exchange models which are built using tools based on different metamodels with tha main goal of creating en ecosystem of models and tecniques associated to the i* community.

Authors:  Carlos Cares, Xavier Franch, Anna Perini, Angelo Susi

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