Marcel Llopis PhD thesis

Marcel LLopis gets his PhD with the thesis entitled "Revolutionizing Space Mission Event Modelling" done with the supervision of Xavier Franch and Manel Soria

Advisors: Xavier Franch and Manel Soria

Panel composed by: Oscar Pastor, Juan Manuel Murillo, Jordi Marco

Abstract of the thesis

The thesis introduces two computer languages designed to make the process of modeling opportunities more accessible.

Scientists, who may face difficulties with imperative programming languages or lack of available science planning tools, are the target audience for these languages.

The readability and usability of the languages were evaluated through a comprehensive study involving a questionnaire with active exercises, statements with corresponding responses on a Likert scale, and open-ended questions to elicit qualitative responses.

The results provide both relative and absolute quantification of the usability and readability of each language, as well as qualitative results to direct future language design decisions. Emphasizing the importance of utilizing proven software principles and good design choices in space missions helps reduce risk and cost. Tychonis and our research on accessible computer languages embrace this concept.