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i* Modules - Incorporating modules into the i* framework

Namei* Modules - Incorporating modules into the i* framework

Description: The i* framework is currently one of the most widespread goal- and agent-oriented modelling and reasoning frameworks. It has been applied for modelling organizations, business processes, system requirements, software architectures, among others. Several challenges have been identified with the goal of overcoming different reported problems. Among them, one of the most important issues is to make i* models more manageable and scalable by defining modularity constructs. We have presented a proposal for converting i* into a modular language. This is a basic notion for any language expected to create big models as i* is, but it has been not yet proposed for i* except for some proposals of new constructs in the language. Instead, we do not propose to extend the language, but to add modularity facilities to the metamodel of i* in a loosely coupled way.

Authors:  Xavier Franch, Daniel Colomer

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