Suite of components

Inside OpenReq, GESSI is mostly working on two different branches: one dedicated to provide personal recommendations to stakeholders to help them during requirements engineering, and another one focused on detecting different types of dependencies among requirements. As a result of these two branches of research, several components have been developed:

  • The Classifier Services component (ORCS) offers the implementation of a machine learning multiclass classifier and a multilabel classifier. In the context of OpenReq, this classifier is used to assign values to requirement properties.

        • The Cross-Reference detector component (OpenReq-CR) aims to identify the natural language expressions that denote cross references, i.e., a piece of text within a document which refers to related information elsewhere, in the same or different document.

        • The Dependency Detector component (Openreq-DD) automatically detects requirement dependencies, no matter the type of dependencies they are. The core of this service is based on an ontology which defines dependency relations between specific terminologies related to the domain of the requirements.

More information on each one of the components is available by clicking on the name on the component.