RCIS (Network)

Title: Network on Service Science and Engineering

Identifier:  TIN2016-81978-REDT

Dates: July 2017 - November 2021

Participation: GESSI is one of the research groups members of the network, which is coordinated by Antonio Ruíz from the Universidad de Sevilla

Goal: (1) Optimizing the results and resources of the groups that make up the network through the identification, sharing and reuse of knowledge and research resources (use cases, tools, experiments, etc.) developed. (2) To jointly explore the challenges opened up by advances in Cloud Computing, intelligent devices and social computing on which the team is already working network researcher. (3) Facilitate the access of other researchers and society in general to the software developed by the members of the network, and provide evidence about the actual use of said software as an indirect measure of its impact.